Top 5 highlights in 2022

The new year is around the corner. Looking back on 2022, here are our top five highlights.

Lots of deadlines and wins, helping clients secure funding, realise innovations, and create impact.

This included both European and national funding, in areas ranging from health tech and life sciences to green energy and sustainability. To name a few, AI4MedImaging secured funding via EIC Accelerator (organised by EISMEA) to continue advancing cardiovascular MRI and improve diagnosis; Sentispec secured 765k DKK in Innobooster grant (from Innovation Fund Denmark) to improve freight transport logistics and reduce CO2 emissions; and, University of Groningen, among others, secured €2.7 million from MSCA Doctoral Networks (managed by REA) to train 10 PhD students and expand the repertoire of enzymes for industrial biotechnology. Thanks to our clients and kudos to our team!

Meeting clients, colleagues, and many more in the innovation ecosystem.

This year has been busy, networking at various events including European Maritime Day, Digital Tech Summit, Galicia Biodays, Green Impact Week, Oslo Innovation Week, TechBBQ, Web Summit, and more. We also gathered all offices for our yearly get-together, spending some days nurturing the strong team spirit that makes Innovayt.

Gaining new knowledge and perspectives at internal training sessions.

In addition to sharing insights with each other, we invited Ana Raquel Veloso from Academia de Fitness Emocional for a session on health and emotional intelligence. More recently, we also invited Thomas Hørdam from We Love Mentors for a session on mentorship.

Celebrating work anniversaries and promotions.

Once again, congratulations and thanks for the great work you do, Ana M. Martín GonzálezBruno Fernandes, Débora Ferreira, Maria Klemp DolmenMarta GonçalvesPatrícia SousaReinaldo Ramos, and Vera Carvalho.

Welcoming new colleagues.

It is a pleasure to have you all on our team, Carolin Jenifer Halim, Cláudia Mendes, Daniel GomesDavid Rex, Joana MagalhãesJoão Costa, Milene Costa, and Tine-Marie Hansen.

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