Grant application writing with Innovayt

Innovayt’s approach to grant applications divides the process into three steps, all of which are important for a successful innovation project.

In a first step, the client’s project idea is validated according to explicit and implicit requirements of the targeted grant. In a second step, the focus is on the drafting of a competitive grant application, as well as on the recruitment of project partners for the client if needed. In a third and final step, subject to a positive funding decision, support may be needed for contract negotiations and implementation of the funded project.

  • Validation of project idea according to programme and novelty level
  • Drafting of application and recruitment of partners
  • Possible contract negotiation and implementation of funded project

For a given client and project idea, Innovayt will assess the need for assistance in each of the three phases and present the client with a proposal, taking into account the specific needs of the client as well as the requirements of the targeted grant.

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Thomas Elmbæk Knudsen

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