Application writing with Innovayt

Innovayt’s approach to funding applications is divided into three steps, all of which important for a successful innovation project.

Step oneStep twoStep three

In a first step, the client’s project idea is validated according to explicit and implicit requirements of the targeted funding programme. In a second step, the focus is on the drafting of a competitive application, as well as on the recruitment of project partners for the client if needed. In a third and final step, subject to a positive funding decision, support may be needed for contract negotiations and implementation of the funded project.

  • Validation of project idea according to programme and novelty level
  • Drafting of application and recruitment of partners
  • Possible contract negotiation and implementation of funded project

For a given client and project idea, Innovayt will assess the need for assistance in each of the three phases and present the client with a proposal, taking into account the specific needs of the client as well as the requirements of the targeted grant funding.

Step one - Before Application

Prior to application writing, a validation of the client’s project idea for the selected funding programme should always take place. The validation process ensures that the project idea holds sufficient novelty and conforms to requirements of the selected programme.

In this phase, Innovayt’s activities typically include one or more of the following:

  • Program validation: Analysis of the project idea’s fit with the selected programme.
  • Analysis of compliance with formal requirements, e.g. regarding status or size of main applicant, additional partners, etc.
  • Contact to program owners to discuss project idea (pre-validation)
  • Technology validation: Examination of the project’s novelty level

The result of the validation phase is a comprehensive analysis of the project idea’s match with the programme. In case of a mismatch, the validation process can serve as a basis for the selection of an alternative programme or for adaptation of the project idea. In some cases, the validation phase may lead to dismissing or postponing the project idea for programme funding.

Step two - During Application

In this phase, Innovayt’s focus lies on the preparation of a high-quality written application on behalf of the client. In addition, emphasis is put on recruiting any necessary partners for the client, as many funding programmes require collaboration with partners in the implementation of funded projects.

A typical application comprises a description of the idea or solution from a technological point of view; a proposed work program; descriptions of the consortium and partners; market analysis; and a budget of the activities to be funded.

Innovayt’s activities in this phase typically include the following:

  • Concept development: Analysis of project idea and concepts for the purpose of written presentation
  • Application: Written presentation of the project idea in compliance with requirements and templates
  • Partnership: Recruitment and coordination of project partners on behalf of the client
  • Budget preparation
  • Work program: Detailed proposal of the work plan with activities to be funded, including budgeting
  • Quality assurance: Internal reviews during the writing process
  • Submission of the application to the grant authority on behalf of the client

The client’s involvement in this phase depends on the selected consultancy model. Typically, all or most activities are implemented by Innovayt’s consultants, but we also frequently assist clients in selected areas of application writing.

Step three - After Application

After submission of the funding application, and upon receiving a positive funding decision for the client, there may be need for further support. Typical activities in this phase are:

  • Contract negotiation: Discussion of project implementation with funding authority and project partners, on topics like intellectual property rights, finance coordination and cash flows, etc.
  • Contract formulation: Preparation of written contracts with funding authorities and between project partners
  • Project customization: Necessary adaptation of the project description based on the evaluation of the application submitted
  • Project implementation: management of the funded project, including financial reporting

Whereas Innovayt typically performs most of our services in the validation and application phases, we can also support the client in one or more of the above-mentioned activities.

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