Grants are the most common form of soft funding, which in general terms means funding without the requirement for dilution of ownership or return on investment from the funding body. Grants are often given by public bodies or institutions for a specific end, mostly intended to benefit society.

Innovayt has market-leading expertise in finding and obtaining funding from public grants. In our work with soft funding applications, we can assist you throughout all phases, ranging from ideation to submission. In more detail, we can support you in identifying, selecting, and developing ideas; recruiting relevant partners; and, as our key service, producing complete funding applications aimed at the most appropriate funding instrument.

Our main focus is on European and national grants related to R&D, technology, and innovation. But we also work with programmes offering funding and support for capacity building, business development, and mobility. In addition, we work with dedicated programmes within sectoral areas, including renewable energy and sustainability.

An essential objective is to achieve an accurate match between chosen funding instrument and client needs.


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