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Innovayt makes a positive difference on innovative projects and adds value across the entire innovation cycle, providing a broad range of services to help you drive global progress through innovation.

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Working with Innovayt has proven frictionless and successful. They have helped us with a successful application for a grant, and we intend to use them in the future for further funding. Beyond being very competent at what they do, they are great to work with and go out of their way to make the relationship work seamlessly.
Andreas Claudi, Founder and CEO at Sentispec ApS
It was a great pleasure to work with such an enthusiastic team of Innovayt. It has been a very fruitful, enjoyable, and successful collaboration. We are very much looking forward to our next collaboration!
Professor Sandy Schmidt, University of Groningen
Soft funding can make a huge difference for early-stage companies. Having an experienced partner with expertise in innovation finance who understands how to navigate in the complex European innovation funding landscape is a great help for the BII start-ups in bringing their science closer to the market. Innovayt is a great fit for BII, and we are very excited to enter into this partnership.
Cathrine Nygaard Christensen, funding specialist at BioInnovation Institute
EU funding is a very intimidating process for most organizations: highly competitive, with abundance and variety of rules and procedures, compounded by a language of its own, put off a lot of high potentials for delivering societal value. We've worked together with Innovayt for over 6 years, acting as partners to our cluster members, lowering the threshold and landing significant EU funding in Norway. This doesn't happen by chance - our combined screening processes and the in-depth capacity at Innovayt are a premium combination and engine for good results!
Sergio Ferreira, Senior Innovation Advisor at Norway Health Tech
We have been very pleased with the support and collaboration with Innovayt, which has been instrumental in securing funded applications. I am especially impressed with their ability to acquire the in-depth knowledge of our company and technologies needed to transferring it to successful applications.
Dag Christiansen, CEO at CardiNor AS
The EU funding is an important step for us in our goal to bring future biorefinery processes to the industry. By training future European bio-entrepreneurs to have a closer connection to and understanding of industrial perspectives and requirements, it will be easier to make a direct crossover from Academia to Industry. The help we received from Innovayt was very important to the success of the proposal, both in terms of ensuring compliance with the rules of the programmes and managing the whole application writing process.
Professor Søren Molin, The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability (DTU Biosustain)

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The Innovayt team is a diverse and skilled team that works closely together to help clients drive global progress through innovation, while also providing unrivalled customer experience. Besides our extensive experience and expertise in innovation funding, our key to success is our internal collaboration and team spirit.

We strive to be a great place to work, making it a priority to nurture a strong team that thrives at work.

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