About Innovayt

We are an innovation consultancy,
your partner in innovation finance.

Innovayt specialises in preparing high-quality funding applications and business plans, to help clients access innovation funding and create impact in markets and society.

We work with grants as well as with loans, equity, and tax incentives.

At Innovayt, we combine a solid business and technology foundation with superior knowledge within national and international funding initiatives. This allows us to help convert complex and high-tech projects into successful funding applications. In addition, it allows us to make a positive difference on projects and add value across the entire innovation cycle, from ideation and concept to funding and implementation.

We continuously strive to be the preferred European partner for innovation finance, grant, investment, and credit applications – connecting ideas, entrepreneurs, businesses, researchers, and funding.

Our mission and values

Creating value
through innovation

Our mission is to help clients create value through innovation. As a foundation for our mission, Innovayt has defined a set of values around the following overall principles.

Adding value
Innovayt will add value to our clients by strengthening their innovation capability and performance.
Being professional
Innovayt will strive to represent and deliver according to high professional standards.
Taking responsibility
Innovayt is a socially and ethically responsible company, independent from external interests.

Our story

Innovayt was founded in 2006. The founding partners came together with diverse backgrounds and experiences in innovation policy, grant financing, and management consulting to help clients create value through innovation.

Since then, Innovayt has grown to reach a leading position in our home markets, namely, Scandinavia and Portugal. The demand for Innovayt’s services has expanded from funding applications to also business plans, project management, and training in proposal writing.

In addition, the range of assignments undertaken has widened. We have completed several high-profile projects focusing on SME mobilisation, just as we have become permanent and trusted partners in innovation finance for several high-profile public and private organisations.

It is all about our community

Over the past years, we have built a dynamic and successful community made up by our colleagues, clients, and collaboration partners. Together, we find ways to realise ideas and make impact.

Our offices are located in Copenhagen (Denmark), Oslo (Norway), Braga and Porto (Portugal), but we welcome and work with clients and connections from all over.

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