Funding Strategy


Confused about where and how to fund your innovation project?

Innovayt helps you gain an overview of the often complex and ever-changing funding landscape, as well as guide you towards the most suitable funding instrument. Hence, we make sure that you arrive at a viable and effective funding strategy.

To define a strategy, we assess key parameters that impact your choice of funding instrument. This includes the nature of the project idea, activities to be funded, current company status, and anticipated project impact.

Importantly, we will not only analyse your formal eligibility and compatibility with funding instruments, but rather your real chances of success. This assessment is based on our extensive experience within innovation funding, but also elements such as success rates, previously funded projects, programme practice, and other important informal inputs.

To give an example, the Innovayt Funding Scan gives a grand overview of funding opportunities for your entire organisation. It is a point-in-time snapshot of all available funding possibilities in public grants, programmes, and incentives. The Innovayt Funding Scan produces a simple yet comprehensive report, detailing relevant funding according to thematic areas, instruments, and geography. In addition, it gives clear indications of eligibility requirements, score, and characteristics. The purpose is to provide our clients with a decision basis for prioritising projects and possible funding applications.


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