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EIC Transition


EIC Transition supports novel and disruptive technologies ready for the next steps towards maturation and validation. This programme targets single and consortia-based applicants who are previous recipients of pertinent EU funding (vide Requirements).

Applicants can either apply under Open Call or calls targeting specific EU-identified Challenge Areas.

Proposal scope should include maturation and validation of breakthrough ideas from the lab to relevant application environments (prototyping, formulation, user testing, or other validation tests) as well as explorations and development of a sustainable business case and business model towards commercialisation. By the end of the project, technology and business strategy are expected to be sufficiently validated to be conducive to other investors or funding sources (e.g., EIC Accelerator), enter licensing or collaboration agreements with third parties or other potential routes to market.

Commercial Opportunities

Activities must include a mix of R&D, and early business and market development activities taking novel technologies beyond proof of principle to an investment-ready status. EIC Transition awardees have access to the fast-track scheme for the EIC Accelerator and can apply for additional Booster grants (up to €50k) for portfolio activities.

Funding Available

€0,5 million to €2,5 million (100% eligible costs), 1 to 3 years duration. Larger sums allowed in duly justified cases.

Application Process

Two steps application, starting with a written application in Standard Horizon Europe application form with narrative up to 20 A4 pages. Remotely scored by at least three evaluators on three assessment criteria: (1) Excellence, (2) Impact, and (3) Implementation Quality and Efficiency.

Results are communicated 8 to 9 weeks after submission, with positive outcome leading to interview. Face-to-face interviews occur 10 to 11 weeks after submission cut-off, with results divulged 2 to 3 weeks after proposal pitching to the jury.


  • For the Open Call: Previous recipients of EIC Pathfinder (incl. EIC pilot Pathfinder, Horizon 2020 FET-Open, FET-Proactive, FET Flagships, and FET ERAnet calls), European Research Council (ERC) Proof of Concept, or European Defence Fund (EDF).
  • For the Challenge-specific Calls: Previous recipients of Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe, i.e., any EU project from Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe.
  • Eligible project active for at least 12 months or completed less than 24 months from call cut-off.
  • Intellectual property ownership of previous results or letter from relevant owner(s) committing to providing access to results for the future commercial exploitation.
  • Single entity applicants: SMEs, spin-offs, start-ups, research organisations, universities. Large companies excluded.
  • Consortia: Large companies allowed in consortia in small (2 independent legal entities from two different Member States or Associated Countries) and large consortia (up to five independent legal entities, at least three from different Member States or Associated Countries).


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