AI4MedImaging x Innovayt // EIC Accelerator

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is currently one of the most common causes of death and the lack of equitable access to life-saving medical technologies in hospitals is a major concern that needs to be addressed, especially in the case of patients at risk of CVD. The current and superior non-invasive tool for CVD risk prediction and patient management, namely Cardiac Magnetic Resonance (CMR), is limited in its accessibility which leads to significant disparities in CVD outcomes. CVD takes roughly 18 million lives per year, which corresponds to 32% of all deaths. These numbers are expected to increase due to a growing and ageing population, unless innovative solutions are introduced.

AI4MedImaging is a technology-focused company, developing innovative AI software tools that supports the analysis of medical images. Most recently, AI4MedImaging is developing a clinical software called AI4CMR.Plus, which is expected to revolutionise the CMR assessment of heart function and heart structure. This disruptive technology has the potential to transform the current state of CVD diagnosis. By simplifying, accelerating, and enhancing CMR assessments, AI4CMR.Plus aims to unlock the full potential of magnetic resonance as the gold-standard heart imaging tool, leading to a new era of high-precision CVD diagnosis.

To gain visibility, market traction, and strengthen their value chain, AI4MedImaging launched a first version of their software, AI4CMR. With the support from the EIC, their goal was to accelerate the development of AI4CMR.Plus and prepare for its market launch by 2025. Commercialising this technology will likely prompt steady company growth, boost EU digital sovereignty, and, most importantly, make a life-changing impact on the millions of people threatened by CVD.

To finance this innovation project, Innovayt helped AI4MedImaging to secure nearly €1.8 million in soft funding. This grant was secured through the EIC Accelerator (EICA) funding programme, part of Horizon Europe, which supports high-risk but high-potential SMEs and start-ups with innovative ideas and technologies. The EICA programme aims to drive innovation, promote economic growth, and address societal challenges by supporting the most promising and innovative ideas and technologies in Europe.

Innovayt was instrumental in our success, providing crucial support and expertise throughout all the steps of the EIC Accelerator application. We worked together side by side to craft a compelling proposal for our AI software technology, AI4CMR.Plus. Their effort. commitment, guidance and contributions were invaluable in helping us present our vision effectively.
– Vitor Hugo Pereira, CEO at AI4MedImaging.

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