Innovayt supports and complies with the new EIC Code of Conduct

The EIC Board recently published the final Code of Conduct for consultants offering services to EIC applicants, setting standards to ensure transparency, professionalism, and ethical practices in the innovation consultancy market. Innovayt has been active in the process to define the final code, providing feedback based on our extensive experience and as longstanding adherents of the Danish Management Consultant Code of Ethics. Ensuring transparency and high professional and ethical practices is part of our core values and continues to be a priority at Innovayt. Hence, we recognise the importance of and fully support the EIC Code of Conduct.


In more detail, the code prepared and endorsed by the EIC Board sets standards to ensure that consultants providing services to EIC applicants:

  • Hold, use, and communicate relevant know-how, experiences, and competencies.
  • Apply ethical practices.
  • Inform the client and communicate in a transparent manner.
  • Respect confidentiality.
  • Outline and provide expected quality.
  • Agree upon clearly communicated prices that are simple and transparent to calculate and implement.


All points above align with considerations and actions already advocated and implemented at Innovayt to, among other things, enhance trust and confidence among all stakeholders and in the field. In other words, Innovayt complies with the EIC Code of Conduct. As mentioned, being a socially and ethically responsible company as well as acting in accordance with high professional standards are part of our core values and everyday work. It should be a given in the innovation consultancy market.

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