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Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth // Tillväxtverket


The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket), a government agency under the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation (Näringsdepartementet), promotes sustainable growth and competitive companies all over Sweden. The vision is that more companies in Sweden want, can, and have the courage to grow. In order to support and strengthen companies and regions, Tillväxtverket offers knowledge, networks, and financing. Tillväxtverket is a broad and multifaceted operation. Some initiatives and activities directly target companies or aspiring entrepreneurs, while other aim to develop prerequisites and conditions that impact entrepreneurship.

Tillväxtverket provides soft funding through various calls and for various projects. At Innovayt, we can help you navigate the Swedish funding landscape and find the funding opportunity that allows you to advance your innovative idea.

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For more detailed information and latest updates, see Tillväxtverket’s official website.

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