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Grand Solutions


The Grand Solutions programme offers funding for Danish-led collaborative R&D projects, or close-to-market projects, typically holding high disruptive potential as well as having significant societal and Academic impact. This programme is organised by Innovation Fund Denmark (Innovationsfonden), which overall aims to support the development of knowledge and technology, including advanced technology, and in turn strengthen research and innovative solutions that may contribute to Danish growth and employment.

Commercial Opportunities

As a private company participating in a Grand Solutions project, it is possible to obtain funding for the early strategic research, development, or market introduction of high-potential products, thus improving your market position and competitiveness.

Innovation Fund Denmark paves the way for research institutions and public parties to publish research results, increase education, establish spin-offs, and develop new technologies for the benefit of society.

Funding Available

With the Grand Solutions funding programme, Innovation Fund Denmark offers grants of typically 5 to 40 million DKK available for projects, with the Fund contributing up to 75% of eligible project costs.


For a given project idea submitted as a Grand Solution, applications need to demonstrate:

  • Clearly defined objectives: Project goals should be clearly described and made specific and achievable, though contain a high-risk profile.
  • Internationally recognised, high-quality research and innovation: Original research at/beyond state-of-the-art, and the inclusion of qualified partners.
  • Entrepreneurship: Public-private partnerships, knowledge-sharing in the project, and an adequate project governance structure as well as processes.


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For more detailed information and latest updates, see the official programme website.

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