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Freight transport and logistics contribute to a large part of global CO2 emissions. At the current pace, such emissions will more than double by 2050, yet we need to reach almost zero emissions to meet the Paris climate goals. Between 10% to 40% of the trailers in the logistic sector are underused, which negatively affects both CO2 emissions and costs. Fill rates range from empty to partially full, impacting operational costs in an industry with minimal profit margins. Thus, fuller truckloads are more environmentally friendly and have more business value. The Danish AI company Sentispec ApS, established in 2019, aims to develop the Fill Rate Optimisation (FRO-AI) solution with real-time insight into actual fill rates. In turn, reducing CO2 emissions and improving logistics operations.

FRO-AI is an innovative automation tool based on the principles of AI and computer vision, which analyses images from the interior of trailers and containers, yielding statistical analysis and intelligence to optimise routes, loading, and logistic processes. The immediate impact of FRO-AI includes reducing ≈10% of CO2 by improving logistics routes; increasing fill rates by ≈8%; and optimising profits up to 100%, contributing to the logistics green transition. Sentispec’s FRO-AI presents a faster analysis and decision process, minimises errors, is dynamically adaptative and easily implemented, as well as improves overall process efficiency at a much lower cost than the current solutions and methods.

In April 2022, Sentispec secured around 765k DKK in grant from the Innobooster funding programme. Innobooster is organised by Innovation Fund Denmark to encourage companies to invest in projects that can translate promising ideas into new solutions, which create growth and employment in Denmark, contributing to solving some of society’s challenges.

Sentispec applied for Innobooster funding to finalise the development of FRO-AI solution, making it a ready-to-market product. More precisely, the project activities involve (1) the optimisation of FRO-AI to be deployed in the Cloud with improved performance, and (2) the development of the data infrastructure for the output information and business intelligence on load fill rates and process optimisation. On behalf of Sentispec, Innovayt coordinated and prepared this successful grant application.

Working with Innovayt has proven frictionless and successful. They have helped us with a successful application for a grant, and we intend to use them in the future for further funding. Beyond being very competent at what they do, they are great to work with and go out of their way to make the relationship work seamlessly.

Andreas Claudi, Founder and CEO at Sentispec

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