Blue Cell Therapeutics x Innovayt // Eurostars and Innobooster

Blue Cell Therapeutics (BCT) was founded in 2018, as a spinout from University of Southern Denmark and Odense University Hospital, with the objective to introduce a pioneering stem cell treatment for chronic diseases. More precisely, BCT found that the specific cell type dubbed Blue Cells can reverse Erectile Dysfunction (ED) when no current treatments prove effective. This could in turn improve health outcomes for patients and create a tremendous impact on their quality of life, while also reducing consequential societal impacts.

In more detail, ED is regarded as an indicator of decreased male health and a common condition among men, particularly men who have had prostate cancer and undergone prostatectomy. Around 340 million men worldwide are estimated to suffer from ED, a figure which is assumed to constantly increase.

Based on seven years of research from the core team, BCT was able to unleash the potential of adipose-derived regenerative cells (ADRC). The ADRC is obtained from the liposuctions (fat tissue) and consists of several cell types, whereof the Blue Cells (CD31+ cells) were found to correlate with regenerative effects on ED. Data show that the Blue Cells provide 80 to 90% efficiency. These cells are angiogenic and provide a platform for treatment of several conditions, including cardiovascular and kidney diseases. BCT has developed a cost-effective and standardized process to extract and isolate Blue Cells, and filed a patent application for global exclusive use and exploitation rights of Blue Cells for Regenerative Medicine.

In 2020, nearly €800k was secured in grant from the Eurostars programme to develop a platform for Blue Cells isolation from autologous adipose tissue. In other words, isolating Blue Cells from the patient’s own adipose tissue. Notably, this Eurostars application ranked 17 out of 400. More recently, in early 2021, BCT secured 4.1 million DKK in grant from the Innobooster programme to develop an allogeneic treatment, which means using Blue Cells derived from someone other than the patient. BCT is a recurrent Innovayt client as Innovayt coordinated both the Eurostars application and the Innobooster proposal on behalf of BCT.

We have been very happy with the insightful, competent, and timely assistance from the Innovayt staff. We would use Innovayt again, and can recommend their help to others.

– Søren P. Sheikh, CEO at Blue Cell Therapeutics

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