Eco-Innovation programme (MUDP)

The programme for Eco-Innovation supports Danish political priorities related to sustainability, environment and health, while simultaneously creating growth and new employment opportunities in Danish enterprises. This is done by offering funding to projects that can deliver real environmental improvements and at the same time strengthen Danish enterprises’ green competitive capabilities.

MUDP is an ideal programme for commercially driven project ideas in environmental areas with the participation of private enterprises. The programme offers support for projects within broad themes, such as water and climate adaptation, resources and waste, resource-efficiency of enterprises, sustainanble construction, clean air, reduced noise, and chemicals.

Funding applications can be targeted at:

  • Development
  • Test and demonstration of eco-efficient technology
  • Demonstration

Commercial opportunities

MUDP offers opportunities for enterprises to develop new, green technologies and solutions, which they can sell both on their home markets and on the global market and which will enable these enterprises as well as other enterprises to live up to environmental duties.

Funding available

The grant funding percentage offered by the programme depends on the type of participant and activity. Typically, the percentage applied for enterprise participants for development and demonstration activities is around 50%.

Type of activities: R&D, Demonstration.


Private and public enterprises and other entities can apply for funding, either individually or in consortia. When assessing an application, significant emphasis is placed on whether the project:

  • contributes to the green transition and a better environment
  • contributes to giving Danish businesses better possibilities for the creation of competitive environmental technology
  • has value as a new technology
  • holds  incentive effect for the applicant, i.e. enables a project that would not otherwise be possible, or that would have been limited with regard to scope, timing or other.


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