Sparrow Quantum x Innovayt // EIC Accelerator

Despite monumental advancements in Information Technology (IT), computers remain very inefficient in solving many of the most crucial and complex challenges that we are facing. Even the largest supercomputer is unable to solve the most urgent challenges within drug discovery, catalysis, materials science, and more. The only contender able to solve this fundamental roadblock is quantum computing, i.e., using quantum mechanics, also defined as the unique behaviour of the smallest discrete unit of any physical property, to perform calculations on specialised hardware. Several technologies compete to realise a quantum computer, one of which exploits light where a single photon realises one qubit in a quantum computer. If the photonic approach to quantum computing wins the race, a world-class single-photon light source is a key enabler.

Sparrow Quantum is a commercial endeavour resulting from several years of world class research at the Niels Bohr Institute (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), founded to leverage single-photon light sources into real-world applications. Sparrow Quantum’s ambition is to unleash the power of quantum by becoming the world’s de facto commercial supplier of single-photon sources for quantum applications. This achievement will revolutionise the IT field and other quantum technology-based products, covering a significant pool of end-users in academic and industrial sectors. Sparrow Quantum’s single-photon sources will enable researchers in Photonic Quantum Technologies to carry out their research in faster, cheaper, and better ways, as well as enable technologies and components that are impossible with any currently available light sources.

Innovayt helped Sparrow Quantum secure nearly €2,5 million in grant from the EIC Accelerator funding programme (EICA). EICA is the blended finance instrument through which the European Innovation Council (EIC) and Horizon Europe funds innovative and breakthrough project ideas. More detailed, Sparrow Quantum aims to revolutionise R&D in photonics and beyond with the Quantum Photonic Toolbox called QTOOL. QTOOL will industrialise four products, namely, a single-photon chip; a fibre-coupled plug-and-play device; a complete turn-key single-photon source; and, a conversion module for telecom wavelength compatibility. This line of products will be true enablers in photonic quantum technologies, leveraging the construction of unbreakable cryptosystems or quantum simulators. The EIC funding will leverage Sparrow Quantum position in the IT field, creating an entirely new market that is not only financially attractive but also greatly beneficial to researchers and society.

On behalf of Sparrow Quantum, Innovayt coordinated and prepared this grant application, as well as provided support in the interview preparation phase and in the contract negotiation process.

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