Marie-Curie ITN-EID grant for Norwegian SME

Chiron, a Norwegian SME headquartered in Trondheim, was recently awarded a grant under the Horizon 2020 Marie-Curie European Industrial Doctorates (EID) programme. The grant will fund the research activities of four PhD students, in a collaboration with Vrije University Amsterdam and four partner organisations.

The project will focus on developing new reference materials and analytical methods for monitoring of emerging pollutants, to be used by the chemical metrology industry. The results expected from these industrial PhD works will strengthen Chiron’s position as a leading supplier of reference analytical standards, fine chemicals and reagents across several sectors.

This project comes in the sequence of a longstanding collaboration between Innovayt and Chiron in EU funding applications – which has so far resulted in six successful applications representing over €4 million in funding.

The EID programme is part of the Innovative Training Networks (ITN) under the Horizon 2020 Marie-Curie Actions. It is meant to fund PhD projects in industrial/business environments, addressing R&D needs of the company(ies) involved. EID actions can be of diverse size, from a small programme between one company and one university involving 3 to 4 PhD students, up to a 15 PhD students programme involving several companies and universities.

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