Innovayt collaboration with DTU results in five projects being selected for EIC Pathfinder funding

Recent results from the mobilisation agreement between Innovayt and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) show great success in securing funding from the EIC Pathfinder programme.

The main objectives of this agreement involved identifying projects that strongly align with the Pathfinder programme as well as providing support throughout the application writing process. More detailed, the collaboration involved Innovayt screening and validating project ideas held by researchers or research teams at DTU Compute, DTU Fotonik, and DTU Space. Once the projects had been validated, Innovayt helped mobilising, coaching, and engaging the project owners for the Pathfinder programme. This included support in both preparing and submitting the Pathfinder application.

In total, 8 projects were identified to hold high relevance for the Pathfinder programme, hence 8 applications were submitted, whereof 5 have been selected for funding. This gives a success rate of 62.5%, which is an impressive result considering that the average overall success rate for Pathfinder calls ranges from 5% to 10%.

EIC Pathfinder is a competitive EU funding programme, part of the Horizon Europe framework, that funds innovative and breakthrough project ideas through the European Innovation Council (EIC). In more detail, Pathfinder funds project ideas with potential to create new markets and/or address global challenges, building on scientific discoveries or technological breakthroughs where significant funding is needed over a long timeframe before returns can be generated. It supports the process from early concept/technology to prototype/technology validated in the lab. This programme could therefore be highly relevant to DTU researchers and research teams.

Being involved in validating and supporting the remarkable ideas held by the researchers and research teams at DTU has been an exciting journey. We are glad to have contributed to several successful proposals and hope to continue doing so.

– Reinaldo Ramos, Partner and Director of Academic Services at Innovayt.

Thanks to DTU for a great collaboration, congratulations to all projects selected for funding, and kudos to everyone involved.

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