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Support for Project Establishment and Positioning // PES Horisont Europa

PES Horisont Europa is a scheme organised by the Research Council of Norway (Norges Forskningsråd, in short RCN or NFR), providing support to the public sector, industry, and research institutions in Norway for preparing applications to the EU Framework Programme Horizon Europe.

The aim is to increase the success rate of Norwegian participation in Horizon Europe, by relieving the cost burden of preparing project proposals and improving the quality of proposals submitted. Specifically, PES can partially reimburse costs incurred while preparing an EU application, such as time spent by the applicant, travel expenses, or costs related to consultants helping with the EU application.

Funding Available

The amount of funding awarded depends on the type of EU programme; the applicant’s role (if the applicant holds the role as coordinator, participant, work package leader, etc.); and the budget of the planned EU project.


The PES funding will be paid if the EU project proposal is formally approved as eligible. Extra support can be awarded if the EU project proposal receives an evaluation score that is over threshold. The funding will be paid in arrears once the Evaluation Summary Report (ESR) or equivalent documentation is available.


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For more detailed information and latest updates, see the official programme website.

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