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Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector // Innovasjonsprosjekt i Næringslivet

Innovation Projects for the Industrial Sector (Innovasjonsprosjekt i Næringslivet, in short IPN) are company-driven projects that incorporate extensive R&D activities. The aim of this Norwegian funding programme is to encourage Norwegian companies to invest more in R&D activities that can promote innovation and thereby improve opportunities for sustainable economic growth and enhanced competitiveness. The funding programme is organised by the Research Council of Norway (Norges Forskningsråd, in short RCN or NFR).

Funding Available

Companies may seek funding to cover up to 50% of their budgeted project costs. Projects may have a duration of 2 to 4 years, and applicants may seek a minimum of 2 million NOK and a maximum of 16 million NOK. Note that other conditions may apply to the specific topics in the call.


  • The formal applicant must be a company that has been issued an enterprise number under the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises and that carries out economic activity in Norway. Public enterprises that carry out activities of an industrial or business nature may also serve as the formal applicant.
  • The Project Owner (company) must conduct the project together with at least one collaborating company partner or one R&D provider.
  • The companies participating in the project must have a need for new knowledge or new technology in order to succeed in achieving their innovation. The knowledge or technology must be developed through R&D activities using recognised methodology for research and development.
  • The Project Owner (company) or collaborating company partners in the project may contract research organisations (universities, university colleges, and research institutes) or other independent suppliers of R&D services to perform R&D tasks and assist with quality assurance.
  • The scope and risk profile of the project must be such that the companies would not be able to carry out the project without public funding.
  • The project must incorporate clear targets and a concrete plan for carrying out the R&D activities under the project and for utilising the results.


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