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The Danish GUDP funding programme supports green and innovative projects across the Danish food sector. The projects are expected to develop and/or demonstrate new ways of thinking about business within the food industry through a dynamic cooperation between green and economic sustainability. Hence, the projects should be oriented towards the green transition of the economy. GUDP, short for Grønt Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram which translates into Green Development and Demonstration Programme, is organised by the Danish Agriculture Agency (Landbrugsstyrelsen).

The GUDP programme is well-suited for enterprise-driven and business-oriented ideas within the food, fishery, agriculture, and related sectors. The project idea must have considerable market potential as well as positive environmental impact, and the enterprise must be in need of completing a number of development and demonstration activities before the idea is market ready. In addition, projects are assessed based on their potential for creating new Danish jobs.

Applications to GUDP can comprise:

  • Development, including the development of new technologies, prototypes, and the completion of necessary tests in operational environments.
  • Application-oriented Research, when this is a necessary means to achieving development and demonstration targets.
  • Demonstration with the purpose of spreading knowledge on the use of research and/or development activities.
  • Networking with the purpose of mapping and clarifying barriers as well as creating the foundation for close and trustful cooperation.

Commercial Opportunities

The GUDP programme particularly supports commercially driven projects where private enterprises, including SMEs, participates. However, research institutions may also be included as participants. The overall target of the project is the commercialisation of the project results by the participating partners.

Funding Available

GUDP supports development, demonstration, and network projects. The individual application can typically receive a total grant amounting to 0.25-15 million DKK. Applying enterprises are typically granted 50% of eligible costs in the total project budget.


GUDP emphasises the business potential of the projects, alongside the projects’ ability to create growth and employment in Denmark, as well as to include multiple links within the value chain.

GUDP prioritises projects that focus on the dynamic cooperation between sustainability, efficiency, and economical value added. The selection process makes use of evaluation criteria related to these areas. In addition, projects must be in alignment with GUDP’s 2023-2027 strategy.

Special Requirements

GUDP applications are assessed on nine parameters, whereof seven concern green sustainability within the food sector and two concern economic sustainability. Projects are not required to produce an impact within all nine priority areas. It is as feasible for projects to focus on a single green priority and in addition generate economic impacts, as practicing a holistic approach by addressing multiple priorities. It is a requirement that the expected impacts, both environmental and economic, can be measured within Denmark. Some direct impacts e.g., related to greenhouse gases, can be recorded outside of the country.


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