Large Companies

Large companies work with external innovation financing and public funding programmes not only to attract project support, but also to be around new technological developments in core areas and build or maintain strategic partnerships with internationally leading partners.

However, considering the complex and ever-changing funding landscape, most companies struggle to maintain an accurate overview of grant and equity/credit opportunities for innovation activities within relevant fields.

Innovayt are experts in all aspects related to innovation funding, ranging from screening ideas to implementing projects. In our work with large companies, we apply this expertise to extract maximum value from external funding programmes for our clients in seamless integration with the company’s innovation strategy.

We help large companies with:

  • Developing funding strategies, including reports with full overview of funding possibilities for the company’s business areas and project ideas.
  • Preparing grant applications on behalf of the company for funding programmes, such as the EU Framework Programme.
  • Preparing applications as well as providing assistance for equity and credit instruments, like the European Investment Bank (EIB) and assistance for MidCaps through the EIC Accelerator Blended Finance facility.
  • Managing externally funded projects, including contract negotiations with funding authorities.

Innovayt offers a one-stop solution for R&D intensive companies, including assistance for all aspects related to externally financed R&D. This involves screening opportunities, writing applications, and assisting post-award in terms of project reporting and administration.

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