Xnovo Technology x Innovayt // EIC Accelerator

Xnovo Technology is a spinoff from the Technical University of Denmark which delivers novel and high-performance 3D imaging tools used in the fields of engineering, geo- and material sciences.

Fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) are increasingly used as alternatives to load-bearing metals for multiple applications within a range of industries due to the superior design flexibility and high strength-to-weight ratio of composite materials.

The maximum reinforcement effect of the fibres in such materials can be obtained by optimising the degree of alignment between fibre orientation and loading directions. Currently, fibre orientation is determined through design cycles which involve multiple test castings and manual 2D experimental validation of fibre distribution in small FRP samples; a method which is resource-wasteful, time-consuming, and labour-intensive. Furthermore, it is estimated that FRP components only provide ~30% of their maximum strength under such design cycles. This suboptimal result stems from a lack of 3D imaging tools that provide accurate structural information across entire FRP parts and enable improvement of the designflows.

Xnovo has developed the FibreScanner 3D, a simple and cost-effective X-ray add-on module for structural 3D imaging of FRP components, enabling full exploitation of FRP mechanical properties and great improvements of design and development cycles. As one of the very first Danish SMEs funded by the new and revised SME Instrument – the socalled EIC Accelerator Pilot – Innovayt has helped Xnovo secure a grant of €1.25 million for the project. The project will enable Xnovo to engage with key partners for accelerated upscaling, contributing to the company’s vision of becoming a frontrunner in the large and unserved market of materials imaging.

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