Re-Match x Innovayt // EIC Accelerator

Re-Match was founded in Denmark in 2013 with its mind set on one goal: to invent the world’s first environmentally friendly recycling process of synthetic turf on an industrial scale. Today, Re-Match is the first and only company to recycle 95% of the artificial turf (AT) used by stadiums and sport arenas located all over the world.

Driven by the industrial need for green and environmentally friendly disposal methods, in 2016 Re-Match built the world’s first recycling facility to deliver rubber, sand, and plastics derived from end-of-life turfs, supplying clean materials of the highest quality. Re-Match now aims to provide the AT industry with a fully integrated and circular process solution that upcycles used ATs into brand new ones of similar, or even higher, quality. This new feat is achieved by adding an innovative method for plastic upcycling that produces high quality resin from used plastic turf fibres, which can then be used for new ATs. This not only presents a possibility for significant waste reduction, it also means that Re-Match is on track to delivering a fully circular solution for AT manufacturing with a process which in addition is already fully integrated in its existing commercial set-up.

In early 2020, Re-Match and Innovayt set out to prepare a funding proposal for the EU programme, the EIC Accelerator. As a result, Re-Match secured a grant of €2.5M, bringing the company one step closer to realising the dream of offering a game-changing recycling process that upcycles every component of end-of-life AT.

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