Radiobotics x Innovayt // EIC Accelerator

Radiobotics ApS is a rapidly growing Danish SME founded in 2017. In close collaboration with Danish hospitals, the company specialises in developing data-driven machine learning solutions for the automation of analysis of medical images.

Over the past years, there has been a great surge in the demand for solutions that can ameliorate the workload associated with analysing routine X-ray scans. Radiologists mainly use manual or semi-automatic methods to perform analyses and reporting of medical images. The results, however, are subjective to a large degree of variability depending on the radiologist or observer. In combination with this, hospitals and teleradiology services all over the world are experiencing a shortage of available radiologists, creating a substantial backlog of undelivered medical reports as a result of the over-burdened radiologists.

Radiobotics has developed a disruptive diagnostic support tool, the X-MSK, to overcome this problem. The technology developed at Radiobotics is a fully automated, AI-based software solution which caters to the specific needs of radiology service staff. A unique algorithm developed in-house carries out a reliable and immediate analysis of a medical X-ray scan and subsequently generates a detailed medical report.

The automation of analysis of medical images will relieve the pressure from over-burdened radiologists worldwide. In recognition of their ground-breaking product, and with the help of Innovayt in their proposal writing, Radiobotics has secured a grant of €1.3 million from the EIC Accelerator for their project, AutoRay, which is focused on fully developing and maturing their solution into a market-ready software suite.

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