KK Wind Solutions x Innovayt // EUDP

The share of renewables in the energy mix is expected to double by 2030 to meet climate goals and to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. However, the highly variable output of wind and solar power generation poses challenges to the grid and can adversely affect power quality.

Within the transport sector, the electrification of maritime travel and more specifically ferries is starting to take off. Nevertheless, the electrification of EU ferries still faces certain barriers. The main barrier involves providing high power in short time to charge the ferry, without overloading the grid. This compounds the overall challenges mentioned for renewable energy supply.

The objective behind the SENSE project is to develop, demonstrate, and commercialise high power storage systems. In turn, overcoming the challenges mentioned. The SENSE renewable grid support system and the SENSE Mega Charger will be based on novel, safe, cost-effective, and sustainable storage cells that combine the benefits of Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors. When combined, the developed system will allow for disruptive storage systems that surpass competing technologies in terms of power, energy, safety, energy efficiency, self-discharge, and cost. The SENSE consortium is composed by KK Wind Solutions A/S (DK), PowerCon A/S (DK), Aalborg University (DK), and Beyonder (NO).

The project proposal was submitted for the Danish EUDP programme in the Spring of 2019 and subsequently received a grant of 15.5 million DKK. Innovayt led and implemented the preparation of the funding proposal for EUDP.

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