Innovayt Portugal is awarded high-performance certification and opens new office in Porto

For the second year running, the Portuguese Innovation and Enterprise Agency (IAPMEI) has announced and certified Innovayt as “PME Líder” (SME Leader) in Portugal. Since 2006, Innovayt has continued to grow the base of consultants and activities in Portugal. Most recently, Innovayt opened a new office in the Northern Portuguese city of Porto.

The SME Leader status is awarded to companies with consistent and high financial performance. Innovayt received the SME Leader status in 2019 and again in 2020. Partner Morten Kröger attributes the successful results to the talent and effort of the Portuguese staff.

Since we established our presence in Portugal, we have managed to recruit exceptionally skillful and dedicated local talent. This has been key to our growth in Portugal and is also at the heart of the Innovayt Group’s growth and results in general.

– Morten Kröger, Partner at Innovayt

Innovayt now has offices in the two Northern Portuguese cities, Braga and Porto. The Porto office is located in the dynamic tech hub at the Lionesa Business Center. According to Senior Consultant and Head of Office, Patrícia Sousa, the new office will not only shorten commutes for our Porto-based consultants, but also place Innovayt at the heart of the up-coming local and national start-up scene.

Combined, the two offices will host 38 highly qualified consultants – all eager to help clients obtain funding and create value through innovation.

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