Innovayt has developed the i-Generator service as a one-stop solution to assist R&D intensive organisations in maximising their benefit from grant funding. 

Through the i-Generator, the client gains continuous access to R&D funding programmes and projects.

The benefits flowing from this are not only financial, but also include new knowledge and networks gained by the client through participation in R&D projects with external partners.

The i-Generator helps clients engage with the most significant national and international R&D programmes in seamless integration with existing innovation activities.

The service encompasses five modules, the first of which is clear and digestible Funding Intelligence, i.e. information on grant opportunities. In addition, the i-Generator includes modules dedicated to Project Screening, i-Funding (application writing), Project Management, and Training and Awareness Raising.

Based on an initial dialogue with Innovayt, establishing the client’s needs and potentials, the i-Generator is implemented as a customised solution, tailored to resources and R&D activities already running at the client.


Kenneth Glarbo

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Kenneth Glarbo