i-Facilitator is a proven and highly effective service for regional and local public bodies looking to boost innovation and growth for their constituent companies.

The i-Facilitator brings together relevant local stakeholders, e.g. from a region or from an industry organization with a national or regional remit, in a partnership with Innovayt around a targeted project, which directly aims to boost participation in R&D grant programmes from a given region/industry.

The strength of the partnership, in particular, lies in combining specific knowledge about local business structure with Innovayt’s expertise in grant financing.

The partnership and project set-up is tailored to the specific needs of the client. But the i-Facilitator always includes the following key activities:

  • analysis of the potential for new research and innovation initiatives among a region/industry’s enterprises
  • selection of individual target companies
  • visits from local business development agents and Innovayt consultants to targeted companies
  • screening and validation of company project ideas; assistance for funding applications
  • learning and optimisation of the client’s business support services in the context of grant financing
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