Funding Intelligence

For companies and organizations with a strategic interest in grant financing, Innovayt offers updated, relevant and to-the-point intelligence on funding possibilities. 

Our Funding Intelligence services are customised for the individual client, which eliminates clutter and allows a focus only on the most relevant grants.

Innovayt has a comprehensive funding intelligence database holding relevant information on all European and national programmes and incentive schemes relevant to our clients. The database is updated regularly and can be deployed according to the client’s specific needs.

Grant Scan

The Innovayt Grant Scan provides a snapshot of funding possibilities in public grants, programmes and incentives. The purpose of the Grant Scan report is to provide the client with a point-in-time overview of possibilities, as a basis for management prioritization of projects and possible grant applications. Typically, a Grant Scan figures as the natural starting point for companies wishing to explore possibilities in grant financing.

The result of the Grant Scan is a simple, yet comprehensive report detailing relevant grants according to thematic areas, instruments, and geography. The report includes an overview of possible financing options, giving clear indications of grant characteristics, eligibility requirements and scope.

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