Horizon 2020 - SME-instrument: Neurescue

Horizon 2020 - SME-instrument: Neurescue

Neurescue ApS is a medical technology company, established to commercialize the safeREBOATM system. The company’s mission is to increase the survival rate of cardiac arrest and change the current standard of how emergency care is provided to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) patients.

Currently, SCA patients are treated with immediate resuscitative procedures along with the manual insertion of a balloon catheter to achieve occlusion of blood flow to the lower part of the body, creating high perfusion pressures to the heart and brain, which increases the chance of response to resuscitation procedures. However, this procedure requires expensive and heavy equipment led by specialized technicians, and thus entails significant risk for the patient through the need for expert intervention, in a time-consuming and entirely manual process.

The safeREBOATM device and system is a portable, small computer-guided balloon catheter, able to safely place and fill a balloon catheter in the aorta. This sophisticated and automated aortic occlusion enabler could greatly improve standard resuscitation procedures, and safeREBOA™ has the potentially to become a vital solution for SCA patients, with expectant survival levels going from 10% to 20-40%.

Innovayt A/S has helped Neurescue secure a grant through EU’s SME Instrument Phase II for further market maturation of safeREBOATM. Neurescue Director of Business Development, Bjørn Glavindsays: “In terms of pursuing soft funding for Neurescue, working with Innovayt was the best decision we made. Having never gone through similar processes, the Innovayt team were vital support in all steps of the applications processes, from high-level elements such as funding selection and strategy, to the writing process and the nitty gritty submission elements. We warmly recommend Innovayt as a strategic soft-funding partner.”


The challenge

Worldwide, cardiovascular diseases are amongst the leading causes of death and disability. Nearly half of mortalities are due to sudden cardiac arrest incidents. Such incidents are recognized as a major public health problem leading to severe brain tissue damage among patients and survival rates below 10%.

The result

safeREBOATM has the capability to increase survival rates from cardiac arrest and to extend the critical time window necessary (from 15-30 min up to 60 min) to bring a cardiac arrest patient back to normal heart function. The device therefore holds the potential to significantly improve emergency aid and contribute to overall public health.


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