Superconducting Generator for Large Offshore Wind Turbines

Superconducting Generator for Large Offshore Wind Turbines


The HTS-GEN project targets a major market opportunity by developing the first high temperature superconducting (HTS) generator for large (4-10 MW) wind turbines, in particular to the offshore segment. The HTS-GEN main objective is the construction and testing of a test segment of the generator, including validation of its thermal and mechanical performance.

Innovayt assisted the company Envison through the first and second phases of the presentation of the proposal to the Danish Advanced Technology Foundation.

Peter Rasmussen from Envison points out that: “The HTF supported project will move the development forward and validate our design tools, so that a prototype will be designed afterwards on a safe basic. The HTS generator technique is promising for the future large off-shore direct drive generators”.

For more information contact Pedro Guimarães.