Successful H2020 Proposal for Non-invasive Self- Monitoring of Blood Glucose Technology

Successful H2020 Proposal for Non-invasive Self- Monitoring of Blood Glucose Technology


Diabetes mellitus (DM) is one of the largest health challenges currently faced by modern society, affecting 382 million people in the world. DM cannot be cured, but via well-controlled therapy, a high quality of life with diabetes can be obtained with a minimum of short- and long-term complications. The key to a successful diabetes therapy is a well-controlled blood glucose level, which is obtained by carefully balancing insulin intake, diet, and exercise and with Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG) as a cornerstone. Conventional SMBG is an invasive test requiring the patient to prick his/her finger with a lancet to extract a blood droplet onto a disposable strip for electrochemical analysis of the glucose concentration. Repeating this uncomfortable and painful task 4-8 times per day leads to severe loss in life quality, often resulting in poor compliance leading to costly complications.

RSP’s innovative GlucoBeam device will enable DM patients to test their glucose levels in around 30 seconds via a completely pain-free, non-invasive procedure that only involves sending light onto the skin surface. This will facilitate more frequent glucose testing  – thereby empowering DM patients to better manage their treatment and minimizing the risk for acute complications. 

The GlucoBeam proposal is the result of the collaboration between Innovayt and RSP Systems and it was recently approved for funding under the SME Instrument Phase I.

Jacob Philipsen, CEO of RSP Systems says: “With the increasingly fierce competition for public grants, the process of writing proposals has undergone a strong professionalization trend. It no longer suffices to be a dedicated start-up with a great team and technology, you also need the best people to help you bring forward the message in the very special form required by national and European innovation programmes. For this purpose, Innovayt has been an excellent partner to RSP Systems. Their experienced team very quickly grasped the essence of our technology and value proposition and took the lead in writing our successful H2020 proposal. In addition to the successful application, our dialogue with Innovayt during the process led us to valuable insights regarding our development project and market, as we were constantly challenged by Innovayt's consultants. And of course, everything was delivered on time and in high quality. Based on this experience, I can warmly recommend Innovayt. ” For more information about the company RSP-systems click here.

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