Novel ICT Platform for Senior Citizens

Novel ICT Platform for Senior Citizens


Continuing a successful collaboration, ITU and Innovayt worked together on a proposal for the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) programme.

The Give&Take project address the significant and growing societal potential and related market opportunity of a novel ICT platform which empowers active ageing of seniors through reciprocal exchange of professional and voluntary services. The project designs, deploys and evaluates a new service concept where an innovative technical infrastructure, through networks for everyday activities, will facilitate civic engagement among retired seniors and other citizens with capacity for volunteer work. Give&Take will offer an infrastructure to empower a local community with a marketplace where seniors can find help to perform specific tasks as well as contribute to their active involvement in society´s workforce.

The project will take the duration of 36 months and was recently approved for funding.

Lone Malmborg from ITU comments on the work performed by Innovayt: “In all aspects it was a very good experience to work with Innovayt throughout the application process. Innovayt contributed with very professional knowledge on the application process and context for EU research applications. They also demonstrated a strong ability to, in a short time, accomplish a professional overview of the specific research field, by which they were able to provide very valuable advice on business strategies for the proposed research and general advice on consortium management and other important parts of our AAL EU-application Give & Take. Finally, the friendly and professional atmosphere and almost 24/7 availability in critical periods made it a true pleasure to work with Innovayt”.

For more information contact Thomas Knudsen.