Nordic Radar Solutions: "double strike" on funding

Nordic Radar Solutions: "double strike" on funding


Nordic Radar Solutions is an engineering and consultancy company that develops state-of-the-art sensor-based solutions dedicated to both civil and military applications.

Airport authorities and airlines are increasingly facing safety threats to passengers, crews and aircraft caused by a wide range of foreign object debris (FOD) on runways and taxiways, as well as bird-aircraft strikes (BAS) and a growing number of drones in areas surrounding airports.

Today, all airports rely on time consuming and costly vehicle patrols for periodic inspections of runways. These measures are limited by factors such as poor visibility and inconsistency of personnel performance, potentially resulting in human errors. Radar-based solutions are available but expensive, FOD detection systems alone costing over 2 million euros – having therefore been implemented at only six airports worldwide. FOD and BAS are a cause of high costs for the industry, estimated at over 13 billion euros per year, in addition of resulting in potentially dangerous incidents.

Nordic Radar Solutions’s FODBASA system combines uniquely a proprietary radar technology with cameras and dedicated sensor fusion software. FODBASA can simultaneously detect FOD, birds and drones in a cost-effective way, potentially leading to more than a 90% reduction of total FOD strikes and a 50% reduction of total BAS and drone threats. The system presents an attractive business case for hundreds of airports worldwide, and its implementation may result in savings of up to tens of millions of euros per airport.

Nordic Radar Solutions is also leveraging and developing its expertise in sensor-based solutions by expanding into the wind energy industry. The company is developing the WITURBISA, which provides automatic bird detection and species recognition in wind farms. This system makes it possible to automatically shut down wind turbines before harmful interactions with endangered birdlife can occur. This will open a huge market possibility in the wind industry by opening up areas for environmentally responsible and effective wind energy production, areas which otherwise would be inaccessible due to environmental protection concerns.

Innovayt A/S has assisted Nordic Radar Solutions with securing two successful grants, having secured funding through EU’s SME Instrument Phase II for market maturation of FODBASA, and having also secured Eurostars funding for technical development of WITURBISA.