New EU programme to fund SME recruitment of researchers

New EU programme to fund SME recruitment of researchers


A new pilot programme has been launched under Horizon 2020 that aims to support SME’s and Start-ups with the recruitment of post-doctoral researchers from other countries to develop an innovation business idea.


Many SME’s have limited access to specialized skills and knowledge and the H2020 SME Innovation Associate Programme presents a solution to this problem: It helps European SMEs recruiting expertise and improving their access to scientific excellence. Interested SMEs need to prepare an application of 10 pages that should include information on the business idea, impact of recruitment and implementation strategy. Successful applicants will receive a grant equivalent to the researcher's salary for 1 year plus a fixed amount for travel and training costs.


The deadline for submitting applications is 30/06/2016 and the researchers will start 01/09/2017.


If you would like to know more about this programme please contact Thomas Knudsen.