Innovative Hybrid Concept Funded by H2020 under Energy Topic

Innovative Hybrid Concept Funded by H2020 under Energy Topic


Floating Power Plant (FPP) joined forces with Innovayt in order to develop a winning proposal for the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase II under the Energy topic.

Europe has a large amount of unexploited resources across the offshore renewable sector due to the inexistence of cost effective suitable technologies for deep waters, where a large amount of high energy intensity combined resource (wind and wave) exists. With the POSEIDON project, FPP aims to pursue this major opportunity by bringing its innovative hybrid concept – an offshore-proven, floating, wind and wave power plant – to commercial maturity.

Anders Køhler, CEO at FPP underlines: “Working with Innovayt on this application has been a genuine pleasure. Their knowledge of EU policy and how such an application must be structured has been very valuable to us. They are very good at asking the difficult questions, to make sure the key points come across as effective as possible. Creating such an application takes a lot of resources and having them on board to push and coordinate the process has been crucial for our success in the application process. “.

For more information contact Marta Gonçalves.