Innovation Fund Denmark gives grant for development of a Turbidity Ultrasonic Sensor

Innovation Fund Denmark gives grant for development of a Turbidity Ultrasonic Sensor


Kamstrup A/S is a world leading supplier of intelligent solutions for energy and water measurement. Today, Kamstrup is the largest manufacturer of ultrasound heat meters in the world. Innovation has always been their driving force.

The inexistence of cost-effective technologies for the real-time monitoring of water quality drive Kamstrup to join efforts with the group of Anders Bentien at Aarhus University (AU) to develop an ultrasonic water quality sensor. Current technologies are time-demanding, expensive and/or require skilled technicians. TURBUS (TURBidity Ultrasonic Sensor) will have the following unique strengths

-        Ultrasonic measurement of turbidity, which is linked with water quality and microbial contaminations.

-        Ultrasonic sensor technology is very robust against fouling and is in practice maintenance-free.

-        Real-time and on-line measurement for an early warning system.

-        Battery powered (> 12 years) because of a very low energy consumption.

-        Low cost technology to be installed globally and throughout the distribution network, including end-customers (private households)

Innovayt has assisted Kamstrup in writing a proposal for the Innovation Fund Denmark – Large-scale projects, which was approved for funding in November 2015.

Jens Lykke Sørensen, Development Engineer at Kamstrup says: ‘The assistance of Innovayt has been pivotal for the success of the proposal. The collaboration has been very efficient and Innovayt has been exceptionally good at pointing out exactly the important aspects to be emphasized in the project in order to present the coherent picture.’

For more information contact Carlos Costa.