Innovating Zealand

Innovating Zealand


In the region of Zealand in Eastern Denmark, two ambitious projects have recently been initiated to boost business innovation and knowledge exchange among local companies and knowledge institutions.

Under the management of CAT Science Park in Roskilde, the CAT-Link project has been initiated to enable and catalyze international networking and funding around regional clusters, as defined in the regional business development plan. CAT-Link, itself funded by the Zealand Region as well as by the EU, will employ a wide range of tools to fulfill this purpose, including structured funding intelligence, training, analysis of current innovation levels, etc. CAT-Link will draw on Innovayt’s assistance throughout the project, which runs until mid-2014.

Similarly, at the initiative of the Zealand Denmark office in Brussels, an iFacilitator project covering all of Zealand Region has been started in early 2012. The purpose of the project is to mobilise companies from Zealand to participate in EU funding programs for research and innovation. The method applied is a structured effort for the screening, selection, and targeting of companies and their subsequent match with EU funding opportunities. The iFacilitator, implemented in Zealand by regional stakeholders and Innovayt in collaboration, is an empirically proven formula which has been applied successfully in a number of other regions. The project acronym is TIPS, which is a Danish abbreviation for "Attracting Innovative Projects to Zealand”.

Together, the two new projects imply a focused and coordinated effort to engage companies and institutions from Zealand in R&D collaboration with Danish and European partners, with the aim of creating further growth and jobs in the region.

You can find out more about CAT-Link and Zealand Denmark here.