Horizon2020 Audits

Horizon2020  Audits


Last year, the Commission started their audits of the Horizon2020 Projects. The Indicative Audit programme investigates and audits the implementation of projects to make sure that they comply with the grant agreement. If the audit shows, ineligible costs, substantial errors, irregularities, fraud or serious breach of obligations, it may lead to suspension, termination, cost rejection, grant reduction and recovery and, in very serious cases, to exclusion and/or financial penalties. All project participants within all H2020 programmes hold equal chances for being selected for Audit. There are two ways to qualify for audit: 1. If the European Commission have reasonable suspicion for irregularities in the project or reports, e.g. fraud, erroneous reporting or failure to comply with the requirements of the Grant Agreement. 2. The Commission does a few sample test where everybody can be selected for Audit. The European Commission has published an informative document that you should look through, in case you find your organization in position of having to undergo an H2020 Audit. It is highlighted here.