Horizon 2020 Grant for Novel Coating Solution

Horizon 2020 Grant for Novel Coating Solution


The cleanMOULD project will introduce a novel coating solution to protect critical mould elements from fretting wear, while simultaneously allowing oil-free operation, thus minimizing the risk of contamination in sensitive industries like medical plastics and food packaging.

Fretting corrosion is the limiting factor in the life of many plastic injection moulds. Micrometer-deep vents are designed and ground in the mould surfaces to allow air to escape from the mould as the plastic fills the mould cavities. Each time that the mould is closed during its moulding cycle, the contacting surfaces “adjust” to each other and undergo microscopic vibrational movements that slowly damage these surfaces, leading to severe tear and particle release. Ultimately, the mould needs to be scrapped after repeated regrinding. This problem is transversal to any industry using injection moulding in their productive activities. Therefore, both mould makers and mould end-users will benefit from this fretting-protective coating solution. 

Innovayt was involved in the draft and design of the proposal that was approved for funding under the Horizon 2020 – SME Instrument.

Christen Straede, CEO of Cemecon says: “It is always a pleasure to work with the very competent and focused people of Innovayt. They ensure that you are on target, on time.”  

For more information please contact Daniel Barbosa