Green Offshore Industry in Denmark

Green Offshore Industry in Denmark


Denmark is forced to take an active approach to the development of the future offshore renewables industry, if the country is to maintain its front runner position within offshore wind and wants to harness the full potential of the emerging Danish wave power industry. On behalf of the Danish Alliance for Offshore Renewables, Innovayt has written a report on the potential of the green offshore industry in Denmark.

The report concludes, that there is an urgent need to set in place a coherent national investment plan with regard to research and innovation, infrastructure, and the education of a highly skilled labor force to develop the green offshore industry in Denmark. If an investment plan and adequate framework conditions governing the industry are set in place, the report estimates that the Danish offshore wind and wave industry could employ up to 47,000 highly qualified people by 2020 and even more by 2030 and 2050.

The report, which is in Danish with an English summary available, has been written in a continuous dialogue with a working group from the Alliance including The Danish Wind Industry Association, the Confederation of Danish Industry, Offshore Center Denmark,Lindoe Offshore Renewable Center and the Alliance secretariat.

The full report as well as the Danish and English summary can be downloaded from the Alliance for Offshore Renewables’ website: