Grant for New Compact Lasers by Market Development Fund

Grant for New Compact Lasers by Market Development Fund


Continuing their fruitful cooperation, Innovayt provided assistance to the Danish company Norlase with the writing of another successful proposal. The COTIS project has been approved for funding by the Danish Market Development Fund.

Norlase’s vision with the COTIS project is to take the final steps of technological maturation towards the industrial scale production of Aurora One – a new class of 532 nm compact lasers in the 3W output power range. COTIS will significantly increase Norlase’s competitiveness through launching a game changing product in a rather conservative market, thus opening global business opportunities.

Oliver Hvidt from Norlase says: “Innovayt not only contributed with a deep understanding of exactly what makes a project suitable for the Market Development Fund. Their focus and attention to detail took the application to the next level and we are confident that the project would not have been approved without the assistance from Innovayt”.

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