Grant for Innovative Concrete Building Material

Grant for Innovative Concrete Building Material


The BrightWall project’s main objective is to develop an innovative concrete material tailored for building applications, which allows for controlled transmission of daylight into buildings. BrightWall will develop a new building material – translucent concrete – in the form of a sandwich panel intended for façades and load bearing applications, which has high architectural potential and also meets important considerations for both energy efficiency and indoor climate through the supply of natural light. The concept targets radical innovations enabling dynamic control of daylight transmission and addresses S&T barriers related to the production of prefabricated wall sandwich panels with embedded optical guides and thermal insulation.

The partners of the project hired Innovayt to help them further develop and present their proposal to the EU. Following the evaluation, the partners have been invited for contract negotiations and are thus on track to receive a grant of approximately 1.7 meuro.

Bo Jacobsen, CEO of Dupont Lightstone underlines: “We do not have the time and skills to elaborate applications on the level that Innovayt´s highly qualified specialists do. We have now used Innovayt for the third time over the last 3 years with an impressive success rate. We will soon start up a new project with their help again, so I guess it’s needless to say whether we recommend the service of Innovayt!”

For more information contact Débora Ferreira.