Funding for novel dome-shaped hydrogel sensor

Funding for novel dome-shaped hydrogel sensor


Critical care services face increasing demand worldwide – more particularly in the EU. With continuous increase in aging population in Europe along with life style related diseases, the number of critically ill patients needing accurate glucose monitoring in the ICUs will certainly rise. Blood glucose levels in critically ill patients require close attention by the physicians and nurses in the intensive care units (ICU) because these patients spontaneously develop hyperglycaemia and increased variability of blood glucose. Unexpected drops in blood glucose are frequently caused by over-administration of insulin – exposing patient´s lives to dangerous hypoglycaemic episodes. These incidents increase the length of stay in ICUs and each bed day in an ICU has large direct costs.

GlucoSet is a novel dome-shaped hydrogel sensor that changes its volume and consequently its optical path length in the presence of glucose. The hydrogel tip built at the end of thin optical fibres, which enables GlucoSet as the only technology small enough to pass through wrist arterial catheters – installed in most ICU patients. GlucoSet has the potential to be the first real-time monitoring system for the measuring of glycaemia from arterial blood, which offer several advantages over central venous access such as higher accuracy and sensibility, less risk of interference from infusions, and much more convenient use.

We at Innovayt worked in close cooperation with the Norwegian company GlucoSet to develop a proposal to the Horizon 2020 – SME Instrument Phase 1, which was approved for funding.

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