FP7 Funding for Development of Concrete Digital Screens

FP7 Funding for Development of Concrete Digital Screens


Innovayt has assisted a consortium of European leading industrial and academic partners, through the development and writing of a successful proposal for the FP7 programme.

The DIGISTONE project aims to address a major market opportunity in the supply of large, concrete multimedia displays primarily for outdoor digital signage and commercial applications. The consortium wants to develop an innovative, intelligent building material in the format of a concrete media façade/display – a Digital Concrete Screen System. The concept is based on carefully positioned fibre optics, embedded into the concrete which allows a live image or natural daylight to be transmitted through the material appearing directly on the concrete surface. The SME consortium had the capabilities to produce and market the new product, but lacked the financial resources as well as the expertise to enable the required technological development. Therefore, Innovayt has identified the Research for SMEs programme as the suitable vehicle for overcoming the technological and financial barriers associated with the achievement of the objective.

Following the evaluation, the consortium has recently been invited to contract negotiations with the European Commission.

For further information please contact Morten Kroger.