Fire Tools Project Ranked Number 4 Among all ITN-EID Proposals

Fire Tools Project Ranked Number 4 Among all ITN-EID Proposals


Innovayt has helped DBI (Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology) with the preparation of a successful ITN proposal under the subprogram EID. The EID (European Industrial Doctorates) is a joint doctoral training project between an academic participant (university with a doctoral programme) and a company, and projects aim to develop research careers for the individual PhD combining scientific excellence with business innovation, as well as producing concrete results of relevance to the company.

The FIRE TOOLS project received a very positive evaluation, reaching a score of 96.0, and will be funded. The project (between DBI, Denmark and Lund University, Sweden) will create a training network for 5 Early-Stage Researchers with focus on developing computing simulation methodologies, tools and models to increase the usability of fire tests conducted on building products and constructions (i.e. real fire tests in laboratory or pilot facilities) by fire properties simulations. The successful implementation of FIRE TOOLS will benefit DBI when providing fire testing services, as well as manufacturers and suppliers of materials/components to buildings, and support innovation in the construction industry in general.

Commenting the contribution of Innovayt, Carsten Damgaard from DBI says "Innovayt has provided a significant contribution to our success. Innovayt masters the knowledge and methodology which is a key prerequisite for successful EU research applications".

To learn more about this project, please contact Pedro Guimarães.