Eurostars Project: Innovative Non-Invasive Malaria Detection Kit

Eurostars Project: Innovative Non-Invasive Malaria Detection Kit


The REEAD-on-a-strip project main goal is to develop the first non-invasive diagnostic kit for malaria based on detection of the activity of an essential enzyme of the parasite. A high degree of simplicity and low cost, in combination with a non-invasive setup with high accuracy, will enable REEAD-on-a-strip to achieve high impact on malaria control.

Despite technological advancements and increasing diagnosis tools adoption, most suspected cases of malaria are still not properly confirmed, resulting in drugs over-use, resistance and poor disease monitoring. REEAD-on-a-strip technological advances will allow, for the first time, Plasmodium detection in saliva. This technological differentiator meets the untapped need for non-invasive malaria diagnosis holding the potential to strongly impact global disease management.

Innovayt has assisted Zymonostics with the application to the Eurostars programme that was approved for funding.

For more information please contact Patricia Sousa.