Eurostars Grant for Personalized Intelligent Lighting Control System

Eurostars Grant for Personalized Intelligent Lighting Control System


The PILCS project aims at developing an innovative human centric lighting control system based on the most advanced knowledge in chronobiology and lighting efficiency for optimal visual performance and biological stimulation, and test the beneficial effect of the novel system on wellbeing and performance among potential end-users in real work environments. The innovative aspects of the new lighting controller are the intelligent algorithms and the lighting models to translate the key aspects of the users profile into personalized lighting conditions along the day at work or any other environment that requires artificial light.

As a result of the successful cooperation between Innovayt and the consortium, the PILCS proposal was retained for funding by the Eurostars programme. 

Steen Pedersen from Lighten underlines that: “Collaborating with Innovayt has been a very important way of getting access to the EUROSTARS funding for our project. The funding is the link between having a great idea - that will hopefully make a huge difference for many people in the future - and actually ending up with a commercial and sustainable solution which we can scale and sell to our future business partners".

For more information contact Luis Lima.