EU Grant for Innovative Advanced Engine Coatings

EU Grant for Innovative Advanced Engine Coatings



Innovayt has successfully collaborated with a group of European SME’s, surface coating technology providers and engine manufacturers - ÅK Chrom A/S, Carbodeon Ltd, Radne Motor AB, Jawa Divisov a.s. and Husqvarna AB - getting a grant of approximately €1.2 million from the EU’s research programme.

The AdEC project targets the development of a new innovative type of super lubrication wear-resistant surface coating for internal walls within internal combustion engines that instantly will reduce friction and provide better tolerances between cylinder and piston, decrease the wear of the components, increase the fuel efficiency, increase the engine power as well as increase the overall engine lifetime, reduce the CO2 emissions and even reduce the overall pollution of e.g. soot particles and formation of NOx.

Søren Jacobsen, Manager at ÅK Chrom, is very satisfied with AdEC’s favourable evaluation, “As project initiator we would never be able to deploy the needed resources in order to realise the project goals, the grant support from EU will have a major strategic impact on our business and will directly open up new markets and increased revenue”. Furthermore, Jakob Bjerre, Team Manager at Danish Technological Institute – Lead RTD partner and Coordinator of the AdEC project concludes, “Our collaboration with Innovayt A/S has been very valuable, Innovayt has provided high quality work throughout the application process– it is not the last time we will use Innovayt’s services”.

For further information contact Thomas Knudsen.