Development of an Engine based on an Innovative Radial Jet Turbine

Development of an Engine based on an Innovative Radial Jet Turbine


Behind the EcoJet project there is a consortium of 4 SMEs that will try to solve major technological barriers and at the same time address an attractive market opportunity by developing a proprietary 10 KWe radial micro gas turbine into an innovative system solution tailored for environmentally friendly micro CHP applications for the residential sector. EcoJet targets the development of an engine based on an innovative radial jet turbine with an integrated electric generator. If successfully developed, the technology will have a uniquely robust design with very few advanced components, which makes it inexpensive and simple to manufacture.

The project is selected to be funded by the FP7 programme – Research for SMES and is due to start in the last trimester of 2013.

Poul Lading from Radijet states: "Innovayt has assisted us in the EcoJet project application and we have been very satisfied with the process. Innovayt works very professionally and has the ability to get inside a company, understand the situation and offer a very good perspective of the market situation. We have worked with Innovayt before and are also planning to do it in the future".

For more information contact Débora Ferreira.